4 WAYS TO IMPROVE SPEECH ( बोली सुधरने के चार तरीके )

There are four major components of speech. A good amount of effort directed towards these will help to increase effectiveness of one’s speech and make it easy for the listener to comprehend. It will also leave a lasting impression and that is extremely important. The four key components are:

1. CONTENT: The topic on which you will speak will surely have some important data or references. Facts are the backbone of good speech. Mentioning those makes a speech reliable and believable. Speaking on gut feeling alone is not enough and good content differentiates a good speech from an average one. Even if one is speaking with friends or relatives, it will be prudent to make good use of data and facts to put forward one’s views. Over a period of time, it will become a habit and thus will be a permanent part of one’s personality.

2. LANGUAGE: One needs to be good at communicating one’s thoughts everywhere. The language could be Hindi or English but one’s ability to understand both and to communicate effectively will be measured in competitive exams or when applying for desirable jobs. The basic fundamentals should be clear and the foundation has to be strong. Constant practice under good guidance and repetitive hard work will surely give good results. There are no short cuts to success but sincere work and timely guidance can make a lot of difference.

3. STYLE & FLOW: There is a way to speak and express. That way also changes depending upon the situation and circumstances. The tone needed could be formal, semi-formal or casual. However, one has to have supervised practice as well as a lot of solo practice to become good at communicating one’s views. There is no one particular accent which fits in all scenarios. Therefore, one has to maintain focus on a variety of styles, emotions and flows and understand when to use which.

4. IMPACT ON AUDIENCE: Often, the aim of communication is to impress and be judged in a favourable manner. Example of such requirements are Job interviews, internship interviews or interactions with senior professionals. Sometimes the time to leave a lasting impact could be 30 seconds and sometimes it may even be an hour. Therefore, one has to be prepared and confident all the times. Sometimes, a great opportunity passes by in just a few seconds. One must never let it go.

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