BE HAPPY AND SUCCEED ( खुश रहकर कामयाब बनें )

‘Hard work and happiness cannot coexist’ say a lot of people. But why? Can we never be happy while we are working hard? This is not true. In fact, opposite of this is true.

There are 3 things that happen when we try to work hard:

  1. Sense of purpose – We get a direction in life. It keeps us going, builds the motivation and helps us buy time. All these are good enough to keep us perpetually happy. Not only us but our family members and loved ones are also happy because of this.
  2. Anticipation of success – The harder you work, the better are chances of success. We come close to our goal by working hard. The more closer we get the better we feel in our heart and mind. Our mental state is always happy and our body language becomes positive.
  3. Change of personality – When we start working hard continuously. People all around us notice the change from the past. Sometimes this also brings out reactions, expressions and comments praising us. They all can see the changes which one has undergone. Feeling of change gives a tremendous amount of confidence as well as happiness.

  Happiness therefore will never evade us if we decide to work hard. Most people whom we see happy in their lives are also very hard working. Thus hard work must be loved and appreciated, free time and lack of activities is not happiness. The more we work and put efforts, the happier we will be. It will be apt to mention the often quoted lines ” The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war”. So work hard and play hard.


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