CLASSROOM EXCELLENCE (कक्षा में उत्कृष्टता )

Classroom study enables a child to understand, learn and apply the knowledge in exam as well as in professional life. What therefore should be the aim while attending the class. The best approach would be to take one step at a time. The first class of the day must be treated as the only class. The complete focus should be to grasp and retain what the teacher has taught. A good start can keep the motivation high for the entire day.

The notes of the first class will be kept inside and the focus should shift to the next class. The mood, focus and attention should be on the next subject. It takes some effort to move one’s mind from Maths to English and then from English to Science. But it has to be done for good success.

Throughout the day the mind has to be trained to shift focus yet maintain concentration. Those who are able to do so will find great benefits and success not only for Defence Academy exams but also in life.



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  1. Ramanathan

    In fact this is applicable everywhere. Thanks

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