Current Affairs FEBRUARY 2019

1). Which international organization has officially launched the International Year of the Period Table of Chemical Elements (IYPT-2019)?
a). UNESCO b). UNIDO c). FAO d). ITU
2). Which of the following countries have launched a common digital currency “Aber”?
a). Germany and France b). Japan and South Korea
c). China and North Korea d). UAE and Saudi Arabia
3). What is the India’s rank at the 2018 Corruption Perception Index (CPI) of Transparency International (TI)?
a). 78th b). 81st c). 62nd d). 54th
4). Who has become the fastest Indian bowler to reach 100 ODI wickets?
a). Yuzvendra Chahal b). Kuldeep Yadav c). Kedar Jadhav d). Mohammed Shami
5). India’s second Tulip Garden will come up in which of the following states?
a). Nagaland b). Jharkhand c). Uttarakhand d). Sikkim
6). Which Indian personality has received Carnot Prize for Power Reforms, Rural Electrification
a). Mukesh Ambani b). Piyush Goyal c). Birender Singh Chaudhary d). Ratan Tata
7). India’s flagship hydrocarbon international conference ‘PETROTECH-2019’ is scheduled to be held in which of the following cities?
a). Pune b). Kolkata c). Greater Noida d). Hyderabad
8). Which country’s Aerospace Industries has signed $93 million Naval MRSAM deal with Indian Navy?
a).South Korea b). United States c). Israel d). Germany
9). What is the theme of the 2019 World Leprosy Day (WLD)?
a). To live is to help to live b). Leprosy defeats, Live transform
c). Ending discrimination, stigma and prejudice d). Zero Disabilities in girls and boys
10). The National Salt Satyagraha Memorial (NSSM) is located in which of the following districts of Gujarat?
a). Mehsana b). Kheda c).Bharuch d). Navsari

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