Current Affairs May 2018

Q1. Recently Pinaka rocket test fired from Chandipur Odhisha, has been developed by:
(a) DRDO (b) Bharat Dynamics
(c) BEML Ltd. (d) BEL

Q2. This of the following airports in India is the first fully solar-powered airport:
(a) Bengaluru International Airport (b) Cochin International Airport
(c) Jaipur International Airport (d) Chennai International Airport

Q3. Man Booker International Prize 2018 was won by:
(a) Jonathan Wright (b) Ahmad Saadwai
(c) Olga Tokaczuk, Jennifer Croft (d) Han Kang

Q4. Recently conducted joint military exercise Surya-Kiran XIII was held between India and:
(a) Bangladesh (b) Myanmar
(c) Bhutan (d) Nepal

Q5. Recently INSV Tarini was in news for:
(a) Winning Nari Shakti Puraskar 2017 and circumnavigating around the world
(b) Commissioning into Indian Navy
(c) De-Commissioning from Indian Navy (d) Explosions on board

Q6. Recently in news Nipah Virus belongs to RNA of family, and genus respectively:
(a) Paramyxoviridae, Henipavirus (b) Arenaviridae, Allexivirus
(c) Bunyaviridae, Badnavirus (d) Filoviridae, Carlavirus

Q7. International Biodiversity Day is celebrated on:
(a) May 21 (b) May 22
(c) May 23 (d) May 24

Q8. Which of the following is the India’s longest serving Chief Minister:
(a) Jyoti Basu, West Bengal (b) Gegong Apang, Arunanchal Padesh
(c) Lal Thanwala, Mizoram (d) Pawan Chamling, Sikkim

Q9. Recently conducted joint military exercise Hariman Shakti was held between India and:
(a) Indonesia (b) Singapore
(c) Malaysia (d) Phillipines

Q10. National Technology Day is celebrated on:
(a) May 8 (b) May 9
(c) May 10 (d) May 11

Q11. This of the following is the Asia’s longest road tunnel:
(a) Rohtang Tunnel (b) Zojila Tunnel
(c) Jaipur Tunnel (d) Punarjani Tunnel

Q12. Kishanganga Hydroelectric Project is located in :
(a) Uttar Pradesh (b) Uttarakhand
(c) Jammu and Kashmir (d) Bihar

Q13. Which of the following countries has been pulled out by USA from participating in RIMPAC
(a) Russia (b) Germany
(c) Brazil (d) China

Q14. May 31 declared as World No Tobacco Day by WHO is Headquartered at:
(a) Geneva (b) Paris
(c) Rome (d) Washington DC

Q15. Capital of Australia is:
(a) Sydney (b) Perth
(c) Canberra (d) Melbourne

Q16. Who has won the recently held IPL-3 tournament, 2018:
(a) Mumbai Indians (b) Delhi Daredevils
(c) Rajasthan Royals (d) Chennai Super Kings

Q17. Uber Cup is related to:
(a) Football (b) Hockey
(c) Badminton (d) Table Tennis

Q18. Recently which of the following countries has become the first Latin American nation to join
(a) Colombia (b) Brazil
(c) Mexico (d) Argentina

Q19. Recently Saad Hariri was elected as Prime Minister of Lebanon. The capital of Lebanon is:
(a) Gaza (b) Palestine
(c) Tel Aviv (d) Beirut

Q20. The capital of Qatar is:
(a) Kuwait (b) Doha
(c) Riyadh (d) Abu Dhabi

Q21. Recently Mark Rutte, the Prime Minister was Netherlands was in news. The capital of
Netherlands is:
(a) Copenhagen (b) Helsinki
(c) Oslo (d) Amsterdam

Q22. Tejaswini Sawant is associated with:
(a) Shooting (b) Archery
(c) Weight lifting (d) Boxing

Q23. Who among the following is CEO of Niti Ayog:
(a) Urjit Patel (b) Amitabh Kant
(c) O P Rawat (d) Dipak Mishra

Q24. Who among the following is the Indian youngest woman to scale Mt. Everest:
(a) Santosh Yadav (b) Bachendri Pal
(c) Shivangi Pathak (d) Premlata Agrawal

Q25. World Labor Day is observed on:
(a) May 4 (b) May 1
(c) May 3 (d) May 2

Q26. Capital of Telangana is:
(a) Amravati (b) Hyderabad
(c) Vijaywada (d) Vishakhapatnam

Q27. The Book “Across the Bench-Insight into the Indian Military Judicial System” is written by:
(a) Lt. Gen. H S Panag (b) Lt. Gen. K J Singh
(c) Lt. Gen. Ranbir Singh (d) Lt. Gen. Gyan Bhushan

Q28. First National Sports University is being opened at:
(a) Meghalaya (b) Mizoram
(c) Manipur (d) Tripura

Q29. Who has been recently appointed as the Attorney General of India:
(a) Mukul Rohtagi (b) K K Venugopal
(c) G E Vahanvati (d) M K Banerji

Q30. Which of the following books has been written by A S Daulat and Asad Durrani:
(a) An Area of Darkness (b) The Satanic Verses
(c) The Spy Chronicles: RAW, ISI and the Illusion of Peace
(d) The Heart of India

Answer Key

1. a, 2. b, 3. c, 4. d, 5. a, 6. a, 7. b, 8. d, 9. c, 10.d, 11.b, 12.c, 13.d, 14.a, 15.c, 16.d, 17.c, 18.a, 19.d, 20.b, 21.d, 22.a, 23.b, 24.c, 25.b,, 26.b, 27.d, 28.c, 29.b, 30.c.

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