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1. Which Indian men’s bridge pair have created history by clinching India’s
first-ever gold in bridge at the Asian Games?
[A] Subhash Gupta and Sapan
[B] Sumit Mukherjee and Debabrata Majumder
[C] Pranab Bardhan and Shibhnath Sarkar
[D] Rajeev Khandelwal and Bachiraju Satyanarayana
2. Who of the following Indians has/have received the 2018 Ramon Magsaysay
[A] Deepa Joshi and Nileema Mishra
[B] Kulendi Francis and Anshu Gupta
[C] Sanjiv Chaturvedi
[D] Bharat Vatwani and Sonam Wangchuk
3. Nepal-Bharat Maitri Pashupati Dharamshala, which is in news recently, is
located on the banks of which river?
[A] Bagmati River
[B] Trishuli River
[C] Tamur River
[D] Seti Gandaki River
4. Which of the following has won India’s only boxing Gold at the 18th Asian
Games 2018?
[A] Gaurav Solanki
[B] Shiva Thapa
[C] Vikas Krishan Yadav
[D] Amit Panghal
5. Which Indian sprinter clinched gold in men’s 1500m race at the 2018 Jakarta
Asian Games?
[A] Rajiv Arokia
[B] Govindan Lakshmanan
[C] Manjit Singh
[D] Jinson Johnson
Current Affairs September 2018
6. Rikako Ikee, who has become the first female athlete to be named the Most
Valuable Player (MVP) at Asian Games, is from which country?
[A] North Korea
[B] Japan
[C] South Korea
[D] China
7. Indian men’s hockey team defeated which country to win bronze at the 2018
Jakarta Asian Games?
[A] Japan
[B] South Korea
[C] Indonesia
[D] Pakistan
8. Which Indian sportsperson was the India’s flag-bearer at the closing
ceremony in the 18th Asian Games?
[A] Bajrang Punia
[B] Rahi Sarnobat
[C] Rani Rampal
[D] Vinesh Phogat
9. Who is the author of the book “Moving On, Moving Forward: A year in
[A] Sumitra Mahajan
[B] Anand Sharma
[C] Arun Jaitley
[D] Venkaiah Naidu

11. The Government of India (GoI) has provided first-ever financial support to
which International sporting event for participation in England?
[A] Bridge
[B] Equestrian
[C] Kabaddi
[D] Kho Kho
12. Which of the following have become the first sets of Indian shooters to
secure quota places for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?
[A] Apurvi Chandela and Ravi Kumar
[B] Heena Sidhu and Shreyasi Singh
[C] Anjum Moudgil and Apurvi Chandela
[D] Anisa Sayyed and Rahi Sarnobat
13. Alastair Cook, who recently announced his retirement from international
cricket, is associated with which country?
[A] Australia
[B] West Indies
[C] New Zealand
[D] England
14. The joint military exercise “Rapid Trident 2018” has started in which
[A] Russia
[B] Ukraine
[C] China
[D] Mongolia
15. Which country has recently announced to launch Mars Mission “HOPE” by
[A] Oman
[C] Iran
[D] Israel
16. Who has been elected as the new President of
[A] Maulana Fazlur
[B] Aitzaz Ahsan
[C] Arif Alvi
[D] Mamnoon Hussain
17. Which Indian shooter bagged gold in  the 50m pistol event at 2018 ISSF World
Championship in South Korea? [A] Jitu
[B] Saurabh Chanudhary
[C] Abhidnya Patil
[D] Om Prakash Mitharwal
18. Which two countries will participate in SLINEX-2018 naval exercise?
[A] Indonesia and Singapore
[B] India and Sri Lanka
[C] India and South Africa
[D] Italy and Spain
19. Which country has signed pact with India to collaborate on ISRO’s first
human spaceflight programme “Gaganyaan”?
[A] Germany
[B] France
[C] Japan
[D] United States
20. Justice Ranjan Gogoi, who is expected to become 46th Chief Justice of India
(CJI), hails from which North-East State of India?
[A] Assam
[B] Arunachal Pradesh
[C] Tripura
[D] Nagaland
21. KAZIND-2018 is an army exercise between India and which
[A] Kuwait
[B] Kenya
[C] Kyrgyzstan
[D] Kazakhstan
22. Govindan Lakshmanan is associated with which sports?
[A] Sprint
[B] Basketball
[C] Hockey
[D] Badminton
23. Which of the following movies has became the first Bollywood film ever
to release in Saudi Arabia?
[A] Pad Man
[B] Raazi
[C] Parmanu
[D] Gold
24. Which cricket team has won the 57th edition of Duleep Trophy 2018?
[A] India Red
[B] India Blue
[C] India Green
[D] India Orange
25. Which Indian woman writer has authored a new novel “The Rule
[A] Anita Desai
[B] Preeti Shenoy
[C] Jhumpa Lahiri
[D] Anuja Chauhan
26. Chagos Islands, which is in news recently, is the disputed islands
between which of the following countries?
[A] United Kingdom and United States
[B] Mauritius and United Kingdom
[C] Maldives and United States
[D] Maldives and Mauritius
27. The Indo-US military training Exercise “Yudh Abhyas 2018” will be
held at which state?
[A] Himachal Pradesh
[B] Uttarakhand
[C] Uttar Pradesh
[D] Punjab
28. BARC has recently re-commissioned an upgraded version of
which nuclear reactor?
[A] Dhruva
[B] Apsara
[C] Purnima
[D] Zerlina
29. Nomadic Elephant 2018 is an army exercise between India and
which country?
[A] Nigeria
[B] Senegal
[C] Mongolia
[D] Ghana
30. Sagarmatha Friendship-2018 military exercise is scheduled to
start between which of the following countries?
[A] Nepal and China
[B] Myanmar and India
[C] India and Nepal
[D] India and Sri Lanka
31. Which Indian sportsperson has become the first bowler in women’s
cricket to pick 300 international wickets?

[A] Mithali Raj
[B] Smriti Mandhana
[C] Mithu Mukherjee
[D] Jhulan Goswami
32. Who is the author of the book “The Twice-Born – Life and Death on the
[A] Aga Shahid Ali
[B] Amish Tripathi
[C] Abhijit Bhaduri
[D] Aatish Taseer
33. Under which article of the constitution, President has appointed Justice
Ranjan Gogoi as the 46th Chief Justice of India?
[A] Article 123
[B] Article 122
[C] Article 124
[D] Article 121
34. Which of the following is the India’s first underwater robotic drone?
35. Which of the following is the highest volcanic peak of Asia?
[A] Mount Fuji
[B] Mount Damavand
[C] Mount Bromo
[D] Mount Takao
36. Which country’s team has lifted the 2018 South Asian Football
Federation (SAFF) Cup?
[A] Bhutan
[B] India
[C] Maldives
[D] Bangladesh
37. India’s first ‘smart fence’ pilot project has been launched along
which border?
[A] Pakistan border
[B] Bangladesh border
[C] China border
[D] Myanmar border
38. Which country has rolled out world’s first hydrogen-powered
train? [A] Italy
[B] Norway
[C] Germany
[D] Denmark
39. Who is the author of the book “Kashi: Secret of the Black
Temple”? [A] Navin Chawla
[B] Neeta Gupta
[C] Gaurav Bhatia
[D] Vineet Bajpai
40. What is the theme of the 2018 International Day for the
Preservation of the Ozone Layer?
[A] Ozone: All there is between you and Earth
[B] Keep Cool and Carry On: The Montreal Protocol
[C] Ozone and climate: Restored by a world united
[D] Ozone: the mission to protect world
41. Mt Everest Friendship Exercise is the name of military exercise
[A] India & Nepal
[B] Nepal & China
[C] India & China
[D] India, Nepal and China
42. Which country is host to the 2018 Track Asia Cup cycling
[A] India
[B] China
[C] Nepal
[D] Japan
43. Who of the following was the India’s first woman IAS officer postIndependence,
who passed away recently?
[A] Merin Joseph
[B] Smita Sabharwal
[C] Riju Bafna
[D] Anna Rajam Malhotra
44. Exercise Aviaindra 18 has started between which of the following
[A] Japan & India
[B] Russia & Japan
[C] China & Pakistan
[D] India & Russia
45. The Jharsuguda airport, which is in news recently, is located in
which state?
[A] Assam 
B] Odisha
[C] Jharkhand
[D] West Bengal
46. India’s first indigenously developed 500-megawatt (mw) prototype fast
breeder reactor is located in which state?
[A] Odisha
[B] Andhra Pradesh
[C] Tamil Nadu
[D] Goa
47. Who of the following have won the 2018 Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna?
[A] Hima Das & Manika Batra
[B] Virat Kohli & Mirabai Chanu
[C] Jinson Johnson & Savita Punia
[D] Neeraj Chopra & Jiwanjot Singh Teja
48. What is the strike range of indigenously developed Short-range tactical
ballistic missile “Prahar”, which is successfully flight tested by DRDO?
[A] 250 Km
[B] 150 Km
[C] 200 Km
[D] 350 Km
49. Which of the following movies has been chosen as the India’s official entry
to Oscars 2019?
[A] Kadvi Hawa
[B] Raazi
[C] Village Rockstars
[D] Hichki
50. Who has won India’s first Gold in the Women’s Junior 500 metres race at
the 5th Track Asia Cup Cycling 2018?
[A] Deborah Herold
[B] Mayuri Lute
[C] M Sonali Chanu
[D] Alena Reji

51. Which country to host the first-ever General Assembly of the
International Solar Alliance (ISA)?
[A] Germany
[B] India
[C] Belgium
[D] France
52. Which city is host to the 5th edition of Asian Para Games in 2026?
[A] Nagoya
[B] New Delhi
[C] Hangzhou
[D] Jakarta
53. Which country is set to become the world’s first country to double its
tiger population?
[A] India
[B] Nepal
[C] Bangladesh
[D] Myanmar
54. Which country to host the 2018 Women’s Boxing World
Championship? [A] Indonesia
[B] India
[C] Japan
[D] France
55. Who has won the 2018 Presidential Election of Maldives?
[A] Mohamed Waheed Hassan
[B] Abdulla Yameen
[C] Ibrahim Mohamed Solih
[D] Mohamed Nash
56. Who has won the women’s singles 2018 China Open badminton title?
[A] Akane Yamaguchi
[B] Carolina Marin
[C] P V Sindhu
[D] Nozomi Okuhara
57. Who has been named The 2018 Best FIFA Men’s Player?
[A] Lionel Messi
[B] Luka Modric
[C] Cristiano Ronaldo
[D] Mohamed Salah
58. The famous Indra Jatra festival 2018 has started in which country?
[A] India
[B] Bhutan
[C] Nepal
[D] Sri Lanka
59. Which air pollution control device has recently launched by the Union
Government for traffic junctions?
60. Which Indian personality has been awarded with the UN’s highest
environmental honour ‘Champions of the Earth 2018’?
[A] Sonam Wangchuk
[B] Maneka Gandhi
[C] Chandi Prasad Bhatt
[D] Narendra Modi
61. Which of the following is the first country to successfully land robotic
rovers on an asteroid Ryugu?
[A] United States
[B] China
[C] Japan
[D] France
62. India has made alliance with which country to eliminate TB?
[A] Bhutan
[B] United States
[C] France
[D] Nepal
63. What is the theme of the 2018 World Tourism Day (WTD)?
[A] Tourism opens doors for women
[B] Sustainable tourism – a tool for development
[C] Tourism: Responding to the Challenge of Climate Change
[D] Tourism and the Digital Transformation
64. Project Unnati is related to:
[A] Eradication of Poverty in rural areas
[B] Upliftment Tribals by improving connectivity
[C] Development of port
[D] Development of Railways in hilly areas
65. Which state government has decided to create the post of
‘firewomen’ to break gender stereotypes?

[A] Kerala
[B] Karnataka
1[C] Andhra Pradesh
[D] Odisha
66. Which renowned personality has been named as the brand
ambassador of Tribes India?
[A] Deepika Padukone
[B] Mary Kom
[C] Sachin Tendulkar
[D] Sania Nehwal
67. Who heads the Lokpal Search Committee to recommend the
chairperson and members of the anti-corruption ombudsman Lokpal?
[A] A Surya Prakash
[B] Ranjana Prakash Desai
[C] Arundhati Bhattacharya
[D] S Kiran Kumar
68. What is the theme of 2018 World Rabies Day (WRD)?
[A] Rabies: 100% Vaccine preventable
[B] Rabies: Educate, Vaccinate, Eliminate
[C] Rabies: Share the message. Save a life!
[D] Rabies: Zero by 30
69. Who has been appointed the new Director-General of Border Security
Force (BSF)?
[A] K K Sharma
[B] Rajni Kant Mishra
[C] S S Deswal
[D] P S Munshi
70. India’s first methanol-based alternative cooking fuel is to be
established in which state?
[A] Tamil Nadu
[B] Rajasthan
[C] Himachal Pradesh
[D] Assam

Answer Key
1. C
2. D
3. A
4. D
5. D
6. B
7. D
8. C
9. D
10. D
11. D
12. C
13. D
14. B
15. B
16. C
17. D
18. B
19. B
20. A
21. D
22. A
23. D
24. B
25. B
26. B
27. B
28. B
29. C
30. A
31. D
32. D
33. C
34. C
35. B
36. C
37. A
38. C
39. D
40. B
41. B
42. A
43. D
44. D
45. B
46. C
47. B
48. B
49. C
50. B
51. B
52. A
53. B
54. B
55. C
56. B
57. B
58. C
59. B
60. D
61. C
62. B
63. D
64. C
65. A
66. B
67. B
68. C
69. B
70. D

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