Defence Officers Academy

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Defence Officers Academy is a leading name among the Defence / Paramilitary training institutes in India. We are known for churning out globally competent Defence Officers who are miles ahead of others in skill set, knowledge and ability to deliver. We have a wide bouquet of courses like RIMC, NDA, CDSE, AFCAT, Central Armed Police Force (CAPF), ACC, and Territorial Army. We have the best experienced faculties with us.

डिफेन्स अफसर बनने का सपना तभी सच होगा जब आपका हर कदम सही, मार्गदर्शन उच्च कोटि का एवं मेहनत ज़बरदस्त होगी। डिफेन्स ऑफिसर्स अकादमी का उद्देश्य हर बच्चे को डिफेन्स के मार्ग पर सही मार्गदर्शन देना एवं बेहतरीन तैयारी करवाना है ताकि सफलता हमारे कदम चूमे।

Defence Officers Academy knows that when students approach an institute they expect more value than just the books on training. Hence our special courses are designed and delivered by consultants working in the Defence field. The students get the triple benefit of in-depth understanding of the courses, its practical application in real time scenarios and knowledge for lifetime. We arrange for guest lectures by Defence experts to give insights on various trends and guidance on life in Defence Forces.