FEAR OF COMPETITION ( प्रतियोगिता से घबराहट )

Are you afraid of masses or a large number of people. If you know that lakhs of people will appear in the competitive exam that you also will appear in, will that make you afraid. Some students live with that fear. They cannot face the competition and live with the outcome. Overall it is stressful and taxing on the brain.

But competition must never be feared. It must be liked and loved because only when we will love it then only we will be able to prepare for it fully. Our thought process should keep pace with the reality of the world. Many middle class students aspire to do well and join the defence forces. Competition is the only way to enter. Thus we have to develop  mindset which is oriented towards facing a number of people and competing with the best of the best. It not only builds confidence for exams like NDA and CDS but also prepares us better for a larger world outside.

So aspire, dream, work hard and face the crowd. You will come out a winner.



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