GUEST LECTURES ( मेहमानों से बातचीत )

Sometimes a small dose of motivation can be very helpful in life. A student may be studying hard for NDA or CDS exam and he may be motivated and driven. But still the results may not be the best. Therefore there is importance of a guest speaker who could give that required boost to a candidate.

We often see that youngsters take inspiration from those who are senior or those who have accomplished more in life. And therefore seeing those people live in front of them could be a game changer. Not only does the spirit rise, but also the barriers to knowledge are broken. The student can get to understand what the future is going to be and what he/she needs to focus on.

Sometimes there could be very small inputs that can change the approach of a person. The experienced speaker will give his/her best to see that the students get those inputs from his experience. Then the time spent on gathering information become less and one can work with greater zeal based on the inputs for much greater success in future. Speaker talks and lectures therefore can create a very positive atmosphere in a class.


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