Importance of Group Discussion (सामूहिक बातचीत एवं विवाद के फायदे )

Most of selection procedures have some form of group discussion or the other. The aim of the discussion is to check some of the following:

  1. Communication skills of the candidate
  2. Ability to interact with a larger group
  3. Confidence and self assurance
  4. Knowledge on various topics
  5. Body language
  6. Clarity of thought

While these may not cover everything but they do give us an idea of what all can be expected. A few things must be remembered. Firstly, there is no need to take any sort of pressure. A discussion helps us explain our point of view to others and therefore over analysis should not be done. we must be frank and simple in our words.

Secondly, the group benefits if everyone gets to speak. By speaking a lot and not letting others speak could be counter productive. Hence, it is recommended that one should speak as much is important but must not take over completely

Thirdly, The group discussion is an opportunity to convey our thoughts as well as display our intelligence. We should use quotations, references and examples from other fields to showcase our depth of the subject. It will help the other group members and impress the moderator too. For defence as well as other fields this could turn out to be the differentiating factor.


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