LISTENING ATTENTIVELY ( ध्यानपूर्वक सुनना )

Most of us hear. But, do we listen? One may be tempted to ask what is the difference between the two. The classification is simple if we just keep our aim in mind. When we hear something some sound bytes pass through our ears. The biological process may have occured but have we really benefited from what we heard. We heard what was meant to give us information, knowledge, entertainment or something else. But listening is when we extract the meaning from the sound bytes and our brain comes into action to perceive or understand the sound bytes in the most logical manner.


Hearing by itself may not be beneficial but listening can be fruitful. And listening attentively can give great rewards. One can understand better and also know the deeper meaning. Any intelligent person has a good ability to grasp and learn. The greater the retention, the better it is for the organization. Hence it must be ensured that one hears very attentively. It improves vocabulary, builds flow and gives us much more information than just hearing. In movies and stories we hear about spying eavesdropping and listening very attentively because they get paid to do so. But we too must imbibe some of the qualities of spy and listen very attentively. 

We can also build great focus by listening. Our concentration increases and there can be a lot more power inside our brain that what was before. It is helpful for academic purposes, for clearing competitive exams and for making our brain a storage powerhouse. Therefore at an early stage in our life, we must listen attentively to get the most from what we hear. The results could be beneficial for life.
















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