Every training leaves a student with memorable memories, some that might stay for a lifetime. Although training is hard work and challenging, still the students who want to build good relations throughout their life can find ways and means to do. After all, a good student will find time to study and do hard work as well as build great memories.

When we study we find ourselves surrounded by friends. They too have dreams like and and they too want success in life. Helping each other an this time could be a good step to build those relations. Someday you might help someone and on some bad day you might need help of someone. This process is continuous and the understanding becomes deeper and stronger in time.

It will be helpful to not engage in personal fights and unnecessary arguments. Your time at the academy is limited therefore one must do everything possible to form good equations. With passage of time understanding becomes deeper and we start respecting each other’s view points. In the end, we do not know who will be where. But what will remain are those great memories and maybe many more opportunities to meet happily again. So make the most of your time in good company.

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