BEST WAYS TO OVERCOME HESITATION ( झिझक दूर करने के श्रेष्ट उपाय )

The approach we recommend is to do what makes you extremely uncomfortable or nervous. By doing this, one would face the fears head on. There is no escape and one could measure the full force of fear or hesitation. Once that is done, the worst is known. From there, there is only one road and that road leads to improvement. The following will be very helpful:

1. Speak to strangers – When one speaks to any stranger, one overcomes fear and builds a certain amount of confidence. This confidence increases as one approaches more and more people. It could be shopkeepers, government office employees or just random people in public places.

2. Removing language barriers – If speaking English is an area of concern, then one must speak a lot in English. Getting used to people looking at you strangely can be uncomfortable but it is helpful in the long run. One will lose fear and become very comfortable in any language that one chooses to excel in.

3. Find a mentor – Everyone needs good support and guidance at the start of one’s journey. If one can find, a good mentor / guide, it will be very helpful to find faults and get them corrected for life.

4. Make a friendly support group – Good friends who move on a mission together can be a very valuable resource. Not only there is a great feeling of togetherness in that case, but there is also support, hope and optimism. These all make up a great atmosphere which improves learning and builds a strong personality.



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