SPEED vs ACCURACY ( गति या सटीकता )

Exams for many students are very stressful. The desire is to get the best possible marks. But those who take the exam also know that some aspects such as cut off marks, negative marking and lack of time during exam can put a certain amount of pressure. So what should be the strategy of a student? Will developing speed help or will accuracy help. This can be analyzed as follows:

Speed : Going fast in an exam has its own advantages. We can attempt more questions and try to score more. But while going fast there are a few pitfalls that one should avoid. A few of the things that could affect us adversely are calculation errors, oversight and misunderstanding. These could negate all the advantages that we gained through our speed

Accuracy: While being absolutely correct will help us get right answers, the time taken might be more. If we fall off the pace, then we will not be able to do all questions. This in turn will pile a lot of pressure on us especially towards the end.

So what is the best approach. It would be a combination of the two. We must analyze our competency. Then we should identify and focus on our strength. If we lack speed then we should build it without loosing accuracy. it has to be constant improvement on both. But it will only happen if we try to improve on both of those aspects with dedication. Once we do that, success will only be a short mile away.


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