What is Discipline and how to improve it? ( अनुशासन क्या है और इसे कैसे बेहतर किया जाए?)

A large number of Defence aspirants understand that it is very important to be disciplined. But what exactly is discipline? Do we have to sacrifice a lot for being disciplined? Does it take away our happiness and free time? All these questions need clear answers. The following points will help some of the students to understand how to make discipline a part of our life naturally and easily:

Discipline: In short it can be said that Do what you are suppose to do, when you are suppose to do, where you are suppose to do. Basically right time, right place, right dress will cover it all along with the right work. If we just follow this simple sentence most of the things in our life will be fine.

Plan (Short term and long term): We start making goals for our life when we grow up. After finishing schools these revolve around joining a good academy to start our career. We should remember that whatever we plan or decide, we must achieve that. That goes for our routine as well. If we want to start studying at 8 am we must be ready by 7.55 am. If one has to go for jogging at 5 pm then one must be ready at 4.55. Being present early will always give us the comfort and advantage.

Obedience: We will have to follow orders from our seniors and elders. At home it is our parents, at school and college it is teachers. Listening without unhappiness will keep our mind clear and thoughts free. One should always take pride in following orders. That will pave way for a long time ahead.

Conduct: Our behaviors and manners show who we are. We must always remember that speaking softly but firmly, using graceful language and keeping correct body language are appreciated by everyone. A gentleman can be separated from an uncouth person by his manners alone.

Disciplined people enjoy life. They are not boring and serious faces who are unhappy. On the contrary, being disciplined lets you enjoy life better because you stay happy while following your aims. Every day is filled with purpose and passion.

Hence the sensible thing to do is to move forward keeping the above things in mind. Take life one day at a time and make it the best. Any slip ups should be taken as lessons and life will reward those who follow this path.



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