WHO IS A WINNER ( विजेता कौन है ? )

In life, not everyone can win. So who is that person who wins every time and who are those who never get to stand on the podium. The answer is ‘ The one who is consistent ‘. If an aim has been made then it is the duty of the individual to go ahead with all the efforts required to fulfill the aim.

Lets assume we have decided to make people aware about the traffic rules. We will need to make a list of rules, medium of dissemination of information and then the physical effort required to do it. A small example will make this amply clear:

Pramod Thapliyal ( being honoured by Mr Pankaj Arya, MD, Defence Officers Academy ) is a Defence Aspirant who has cleared his CDS and AFCAT written exams. He put in efforts everyday to help the Uttarakhand Traffic police in making the citizens more aware about safety. By doing so he changed at least some minds and probably saved some future accidents too. May be his actions will inspire many more to do good for the society. The Uttarakhand Police department saw his sincerity and the DIG, a very senior IPS Officer rewarded him with a certificate and a memento trophy. Pramod started something, stayed consistent with his aim, applied the right balance of ‘work and report’ and got the job done. This goes to show that consistency is appreciated by everyone in life. Pramod is a shining example of consistency, determination and perseverance.

So to succeed we must make aim and then go ahead with the follow up. No day should be missed and all delays should be avoided. A small step lets you take another one and then a bigger one. This is the usual path of success and hallmark of a successful man. Like Pramod we hope there are many more who will work for the betterment of society and bring glory to themselves as well as to all those associated with them.

May you find consistency in your lives.


5 thoughts on “WHO IS A WINNER ( विजेता कौन है ? )”

  1. That’s right consistency seems boring but it is necessary for achieving aim

    1. Lt Col Gaurav Bhandari

      Thanks Himanshu . Consistency ensures that we achieve success, maybe slowly but definitely surely.

      1. Thanku so much Sir for writing such great words for me . I hope sir that I deserve such a great note from a versatile person like you . Pardon me sir but I would like to add 1 more word other than determination, perseverance, consistency and that is guidance ,whatever I have done was under your guidance . Thank you once again sir for guiding me in this project as well as in other aspects and thank you to entire team of DOA for facilitating me.

    2. Pramod kumar

      Thanku so much Sir for giving me such an honour and for your great words about me. I hope sir I deserve such a note from a versatile person like you because whatever I have done was under your guidance . Pardon me sir but I would say that you haven’t mentioned 1 important word other than consistency,determination, perseverance and that is guidance, which equally plays very important role in one’s life for completing one’s task. So thanku so much Sir for guiding me in this project as well as in other aspects ,and thanku entire team of DOA for facilitating me.

    3. Lt Col Gaurav Bhandari

      Keep going Pramod. We are waiting to hear more great things from you. Good luck.

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