YOUNG MINDS (युवा शक्ति)

Youth is the future of India, it is often said. But how about those young kids who will the future youth of India. We are referring to the children who are not yet teenagers or have just become teenagers. Lets call them Pre-youth. They might be the real future of India. All of them tend to be very creative at their age. They have unbound energy and can grasp a lot mentally. These are are also the most impressionable.

Before a child embarks on a career driven process, it is important to shape his mind. The things that needs to be built up are intelligence, memory, structured thought process. These are important not only for the exams for best Defence career starts such as NDA, CDS, or ACC but also in every walk of life. If that is done for the pre youth stage youngsters then our country will truly have knowledge power. The ability of every child could be boosted many fold. Each and every life will count towards something. 

Focusing on this age group will be easier because their minds are not corrupted by the perils of modernism. They can be grouped as per their skills and abilities. They could be given an early start in life that too very happily. Maybe they also develop some very useful voacational skills and go towards research. India may soon be producing a large number of entrepreneurs, creators and world class innovators. So, to all those who can bring about this change, let us not waste this opportunity. Let us start a revolution to change the pre-youth, empower them and build a better India.


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